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Social Emotional Fitness

To help students understand and manage what is happening inside of them which will help them deal with stronger emotions and impulsive behavior in a healthy manner.

Students will learn to stop, take a breath, identify their emotions and think before acting.

Program Goals for Students

>Manage their own emotions

>Have empathy for others

>Solve problems in a peaceful way

>Make responsible decisions

>Build & maintain healthy relationships

We use music/song/hip-hop, affirmation exercises, role play of group & one to one relational scenarios, storytelling, movement, improvizational exercises, team building games, mnemonics, community discussions, video viewings, and dear ChrisFit letters for problem solving.

Program Packages==> Class Settings &/or Assembly Settings Residency Packages

                 Package A    

One Month program

2 - One 45 minute assemblies               $1000

24- One 45 minute classroom sessions $2400



                  Package B

Assembly program only

1- 45 minute assembly                           $  675

2- 45 minute assemblies/same day       $1200